work on paper

work on paper
New Mexico Blues, dyptich, 36" x96"

ENCAUSTIC MASTER CLASS: Three days: Sept 31-Oct 2


This workshop is immediately after the Encaustic Retreat and Artisan Expo. The workshop is suitable for artists with some experience, whether in encaustic or other media, ready to think about the possibility of exhibiting their work, or who already are, but want to increase their exposure. Or those who simply want to further develop a body of work with that direction in mind.

Left, show at David Rothermel Contemporary, Santa Fe, right: Commission for apartment in NYC

The three day workshop will combine the expertise of a mature artist both with hands on demos and ample time for students to work, as well as portfolio reviews for individual participants, and advice related to professional development. Lets talk about getting your work into galleries, commissions, grants, and all the resources available for artists.

For more experienced encaustic painters, this will be an opportunity to enhance your work with a variety of new techniques, and to begin to develop of a consistent series of paintings. Individual instruction and criticism will help you move your encaustic painting to a new level.

The workshop will cover all the basics, as well as a variety of new techniques. We will play with small pours and "The Magic Line", as well as a number of other techniques. Ellen's "Magic Line", which she developed years ago, using crayons , pigment, graphite and pan pastels to create a variety of exciting effects.

We will emphasize how these techniques can be developed to create a unique encaustic language for each student. We will  work towards a series of paintings, unique for each student, which incorporates the techniques presented.

Koment, "Epigram 9", 2012, "The magic line" and more

This workshop will allow you to work up to 15"x15". It will address all aspects of approaching a painting, from the planning and drawing stages, through preparation of the surface; understanding temperature control and how it facilitates your work, handling color and glazing, as well as special effects, and finishing.

Fee: $550. includes materials