ALL ABOUT ENCAUSTIC is a workshop suitable for artists new to encaustic as well as those with  experience who want to hone their skills, and learn a variety of new techniques. 

The workshop will cover all the basics, including information about 
  • how to make paint,about the commercial paints and their applications, about supports, grounds and techniques: paint application, fusing, glazing, inscribing and mixed media, materials,demos of applying paint, fusing, How to get that smooth surface! 
  • glazing with encaustic: it's really about color theory
  •  Introducing mixed media,
  • image transfer, 
  • working with oil bar, pigment, 
  • creating several kinds of lines, and texture. 
  • We will emphasize how these techniques can be developed to create a unique encaustic language for each student. We will talk (and demo) about
    •  inscribing and using dry pigment..
  • You will leave with a printout containing all the information you need as well as a list of suppliers. 

The emphasis, as always, will be on your creative development i.e.:ON YOUR PAINTING! As always, my goal is to help you achieve your aims in this wonderful medium.  It is open to artists at all levels.  


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