WAX AND WATERCOLOR:, combine two transparencies: LAS VEGAS, NM June 6, 2020

Use this beautiful luminous watercolor medium, and use encaustic wax, with a variety of additional materials to create exciting abstract paintings. Move away from the traditional watercolor or encaustic paintings into an entirely new realm.
  • Use watercolor:
  • With wax as a resist, creating numerous layers for exciting affects
  • This is an entirely new idea. How to mix wax and watercolor, mostly on paper, to expand and explore the outer reaches of each medium. Some exciting effects can be achieved.
  • With inks to enhance and intensify. Inks have an intensity that lend an additional element, and are also sometimes a saving grace
  • With image transfer, and mixed media. Incorporate photographic imagery, and collage materials for unusual affects
  • Create your own abstract language, starting from familiar images, and taking it into the unknown. Explore the language of form and color, and their expressive possibilities.
This workshop is open to artists at all levels, and doesn't require encaustic experience. As always, we will cover all the basics. $225. EMAIL ELLEN for info or to register


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