Let's use Collage, your images or mine: Saturday, Mar 4, 2023

There is nothing more fun than changing the world to suit yourself, in fact my first encaustic show included "Middle Aged Male Nudes, in Portland Oregon long ago! And each of us changes the world to suit ourselves, and that is what this technique allows you to do!

 The show was called "Middle aged Male Nudes"

You as an artist have a story to tell, and sometimes images from our lives and our worlds, or from worlds we don't know, help us to tell our story, and I separate them because they may not be one and the same.. How do you get your story out into the world? What is the story you want to tell, and what will take you closer to it. What will your story be?

From a show at Ebert Gallery, San Francis

SO, come play with me!

This workshop is open to artists with encaustic experience, or artists new to encaustic who work in other mediums.

Day goes from 10-4, 
All materials are provided, although students will be given a list of optional items . 
One day $250.


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