work on paper

work on paper
A workshop in the Studio

All About You: All About Encaustic: Saturday and Sunday, March 2-3,2019

About Finding Your Own Voice

The main idea of this workshop will be to help you find your own voice in this amazing help you do this, I will demonstrate a variety of new techniques, talk about color and design, but most importantly, talk about helping you realize what it is that YOU want to say. OR what you want to accomplish.

We will coverall of this, and maybe more:
  • Color: How it influences you, and your work
  • incorporating the photo
  • Including line, of many sorts
  • Small pours, on panels
  • Combining materials
  • considering the story you're telling

Painting, for me, and most especially with encaustic, is a never ending journey of discovery. It is my great opportunity to explore and confront who I am, and what I want to say. It is a never ending extraordinary process in which I reveal myself to myself, and incidentally to the viewers as well. It is my most intimate and wonderful ability to tell a tale that reveals itself to me, and to you. Encaustic is an ancient medium that holds untold secrets. It is an opportunity to sing to the gods. It is more than a medium.


at the last workshop...

Two days, $425. includes all materials except panels
Just Saturday $225.

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