Sing Your Own Song: SATURDAY, Nov 12

NOVEMBER 12:  "Sing Your Own Song"

This is about coming closer to what you as an artist want to say: Not my voice, but yours. I will help you find the tools and techniques you need to express yourself, and to create a series of paintings that reflect your creative self.  How do you come to that point of recognition? 
Coming to it, how do you express it..what does the painting look like? 

Technically, we will cover a variety of techniques, creating glaze layers, line and pigment, creating movement in a painting, color and vibrancy.

This workshop is open to artists with encaustic experience, or artists new to encaustic who work in other mediums.

               Koment, series of panels 14" x14", encaustic on panels

Each student will work on a group of paintings that will tell their story, that are all about themselves.

It isn’t about techniques as an end, but at technique as a means toward what you want to achieve. 

Limit: 3 students, one day, $250.


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