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Ellen Koment has been working with encaustic, and exhibiting it for 20 years. In 2013 she was awarded the prestigious LaVendeeme award for excellence in Encaustic Education. So we can assure you of a complete experience, learn the best encaustic practices within the context of a professional consideration of your work and your goals.



Working Large: five days, Sept 21-25

The most advanced workshop, allows you to work up to 30” in any direction, and addresses all the concerns of working larger, from design to finish

Spain: Encaustic Workshop in Malaga, Spain Feb 14-20, 2016

Private sessions are me for details..


Sat and Sun, Nov 7-8, 2015

BEYOND the tradition: WAX and WATERCOLOR

Use this beautiful luminous watercolor medium, and use encaustic wax, with a variety of additional materials to create exciting abstract paintings. Move away from the traditional watercolor or encaustic paintings into an entirely new realm.
  • Use watercolor:
  • With wax as a resist, creating numerous layers for exciting affects
  • This is an entirely new idea. How to mix wax and watercolor, mostly on paper, to expand and explore the outer reaches of each medium. Some exciting effects can be achieved.
  • With inks to enhance and intensify. Inks have an intensity that lend an additional element, and are also sometimes a saving grace
  • With image transfer, and mixed media. Incorporate photographic imagery, and collage materials for unusual affects
  • Create your own abstract language, starting from familiar images, and taking it into the unknown. Explore the language of form and color, and their expressive possibilities.

                                                                        The studio

MORE ABOUT ENCAUSTIC PAINTING; GOING LARGER, combines with "Master Class" five days, SEPT 21-25

This workshop will be an opportunity to enhance your work with a variety of new techniques, as well as taking it to a new scale. Individual instruction and criticism will help you move your encaustic painting to a new level. And since the Master Class has been so popular, I am going to add an element of professional development as well.

For people with encaustic experience or significant painting experience in other media, it will be an opportunity to take your into a new dimension.

In addition, we will add a page from the "Master Class': For those ready to think about the possibility of exhibiting their work, or who already are, but want to increase their exposure. Or those who simply want to further develop a body of work with that direction in mind.

The  workshop will combine the expertise of a mature artist both with hands on demos and ample time for students to work, as well as portfolio reviews for individual participants, and advice related to professional development. I will share techniques and work one on one with each student either in creative coaching, a professional development session or a portfolio review. It is open to artists at all levels. 

Many people stay at a certain level with their encaustic painting because they see workingat a larger scale, or changing their approach, as intimidating. It does present certain challenges,but when you understand how to overcome them, it can be a richly rewarding experience.

This workshop will allow you to work up to 30" x 30". It will address all aspects of working larger, from the planning and drawing stages, through preparation of the surface;understanding temperature control and how it facilitates working larger, handlingcolor and glazing, as well as special effects, and finishing.A number of new techniques will be presented: use of dry pigment and oil paint on incised line, mixed media approaches,basic color and glaze theory, creating texture and working with photographic and other mixed media.

This masterclass is suitable for artists with some experience, whether in encaustic or other media, ready to think about the possibility of exhibiting their work, or who already are, but want to increase their exposure. Or those who simply want to further develop a body of work with that direction in mind.  Previous encaustic experience is not required.

The workshop will also cover all the basics, including information about how to make paint, about the commercial paints and their applications, about supports, grounds and techniques:paint application, fusing, glazing, inscribing and mixed media, materials,demos of applying paint, glazing, fusing, How to get that smooth surface! Learn somenew techniques: Introducing mixed media, working with oil bar, pigment, creating linesand texture and image transfer. We will emphasize how these techniques can be developedto create a unique encaustic language for each student. We will talk (and demo) how tocreate glaze layers, as well as some special techniques like inscribing and using dry pigment..and, you will leave with a printout containing all the information you need as well as a list of suppliers. 


February 14-21, 2016


In October, 2015, we had a great trip and wonderful experience for ten artists from around the world, for the instructors, and for those who came as guests. We painted every day, ate fabulous Spanish lunches together. and toured the museums, cathedrals and highlights of Malaga. And we are doing it again !

THE WORKSHOP on the left.

Our explorations of the city and its surroundings will provide inspiration for our studio time. We will work on paper and panels, exploring the encaustic medium as it allows us to express our reactions to local experiences. We will cover all the encaustic basics but also explore a variety of exciting new techniques. This workshop is appropriate for beginning to advanced encaustic artists. 

Koment has been exhibiting her encaustic paintings nationally for twenty years, including at the Karan Ruhlen Gallery in Santa Fe. She is a graduate of Cooper Art School in NYC, and has a Masters degree in painting from UC Berkeley. She has been teaching encaustic for 18 years.
BelĂ©n is a Spanish-born artist who will share her passion for Spanish art and culture.  She has a long professional trajectory in the NY advertising industry. A graduate of MHC and Columbia U, she pursued graduate art studies at Hunter College, Art Students League and the Woodstock School of Art. Belen has been working with wax and mixed media for over 10 years, exhibiting in the US and Europe. Details at:

Summer 2012 w/Shawna and Ellen

Summer 2012 w/Shawna and Ellen

What people have to say about the workshops:

"Ellen your workshop changed my life!" Shawna Moore, encaustic artist

I just wanted to share some happy news. I finished a piece for the O'Keeffe docent exhibition last week and have attached a pic here. Sooo scary but fun and I had 3 offers to buy it!! I'm working on a series called 'The Illusion of Perfection'...this first piece was created with image transfer (some of my favorite vintage lace, silk), oil pigment, incision, etc....combining technique I learned from both you and Shawna Just wanted you to know your inspiration and teachings are 'out there' influencing many and bringing me great joy! Thank you with all my heart. Vickie Fleming

"You have been very encouraging to me and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge so generously. You are still the best teacher around and I continue to recommend you to all. It has been important for me to take what you taught and spend time in my studio to find my unique expression and to make it my own." Martha Rea Baker, artist, workshop participant

"Ellen is an experienced and talented artist with superior knowledge and expertise whose personalized workshops in Santa Fe are the best way to learn the ancient technique of wax encaustic painting." Sherry Bloom, artist, co-owner, "The Wooden Cow Gallery"

"Ellen Koment was one of the first encaustic artists in Santa Fe and the medium has seen an explosion of interest ever since. Her workshops discuss all aspects of encaustic painting from its past history and recent popularity."Brent Hanfli, Santa Fe Creative Tourism

What is Wax Encaustic Painting?

Wax Encaustic is an ancient medium that has experienced a contemporary Renaissance. Encaustic Painting was practiced by Greek Artists as far back as the 5th century BC. Legend has it that the Greeks applied coatings of wax and resin to waterproof their ships, and that this led to pigmenting the wax for decoration. Homer talks about the painted ships of the Greek warriors at Troy.

The technique of Wax Encaustic Painting involves applying layers of pigmented wax, which are then fused together with heat. The word encaustic comes from the ancient Greek, meaning to burn in. This glazing process allows a depth and richness of color to be achieved. For me the glory of working in wax has been the discovery of what it can do that other mediums can’t. Any observer can appreciate the extraordinary effects of depth and luminosity that can be achieved, the wonderful sense of transparency that you can play with, the richness of textural possibilities, these are the obvious. Less apparent, perhaps, is the involvement with the process itself. The sheer love of beautiful natural materials, the completion of the process by sealing it with fire. The magic of involvement with an ancient art.

Koment, encaustic on panels

Koment, encaustic on panels

"Desert Breezes"

"Desert Breezes"
"Desert Breezes", a dyptich, each panel 16" x 50", available at the Karan Ruhlen Gallery, Santa Fe

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