Sadly, we have put all workshops on hold until the world is safe again!

Come for a workshop, and see all that Santa Fe has to offer..galleries, museums, and of course the fantastic landscape..
OR Discover the historic town of Las Vegas, NM. As old as Santa Fe, this town has an entirely different look and feel..these will be small groups meeting in my home studio, in the Historic District of Las Vegas. Stay in a historic hotel, The Plaza or Castaneda, and see a different part of Northern New Mexico..
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UPCOMING WORKSHOPS, one day, or two
Light Surrounds Us: Color and Transparency, 
    June 27,June 28: optional Introduction to Encaustic, 
     April 18
The Magic of the Mark: Drawing on Wax, 
    May 16/May 17(optional) Wax and Watercolor, combine Two Transparencies: 
    June 6, June 7(optional)

Four Days:
Working Large, or even larger July 27-30

PRIVATE WORKSHOPS.If these dates don't work for you, contact me about doing a private workshop, for you or you and your friends... EMAIL elle…


To Register for WORKSHOPS Contact Ellen Koment by email

And you will receive a registration form, a PayPal invoice (or you can pay by check), and all the info you need about the venue, where to stay and most importantly, about the content of the workshop!

Ellen Koment is the recipient of the LaVendeeme award for excellence in  encaustic education, as well as the 2018 Gottlieb Foundation artist grant..she has been exhibiting for many years, the last twenty primarily in encaustic wax. See more of her work at   You can't find a more knowledgeable teacher! We hope you'll join us!

WORKING LARGE and EVEN LARGER: You set the dates!


This workshop will be an opportunity to enhance your work with a variety of new techniques, as well as taking it to a new scale. Individual instruction and criticism will help you move your encaustic painting to a new level. 

register with PayPal on the left Ellen

For people with encaustic experience or significant painting experience in other media, it will be an opportunity to take your work into a new dimension.

A dyptich is a way to go larger... Two parts, one painting

The  workshop will combine the expertise of a mature artist both with hands on demos and ample time for students to work, as well as portfolio reviews for individual participants, and advice related to professional development. I will share techniques and work one on one with each student either in creative coaching, a professional development session or a portfolio review. It is open…

LIGHT SURROUNDS US: Color and Transparency, June 27/28 one day or two

“It is not enough to place colors, however beautiful, one beside the other; colors must also react on one another. Otherwise, you have cacophony”.“When I put a green, it it not grass. When I put a blue, it is not the sky.”Henri Matisse
                     Koment, from the cover of EncausticWorks12 At the heart of working with encaustic wax, for me, is COLOR, the wonderful range of glazing possibilities. Using transparent layers of various colors to create new colors, understanding how to achieve beautiful affects with a full palette of color, whether it is soft or vibrant. Color is our most magic tool for conveying an emotional state. For me, it is at the essence of what I do as an artist. I think in color first. Whether you do or not, it is an important part of your process to learn and understand.

  Color Layers on 24" panels.. We will talk about mixing our colors, whether from commercial paints , dry pigments, or oil paints. Getting them to the place where they will do all that …


INTRODUCTION TO ENCAUSTIC  is a one day workshop suitable for artists new to encaustic as well as those with  experience who want to hone their skills, solve their problems, create a new direction, get advice,or learn some new techniques. 

The workshop will cover all the basics, but will be specific to the questions in the group.
It may include information about
how to make paint,about the commercial paints and their applications, about supports, grounds and techniques: paint application, fusing, glazing, inscribing and mixed media, materials,demos of applying paint, fusing, How to get that smooth surface! glazing with encaustic: getting a smooth surface!
Heat control, it's the main thing!working with dry pigment, pan pastelscreating several kinds of lines, and texture. We will emphasize how these techniques can be developed to create a unique encaustic language for each student. We will talk (and demo) about inscribing and using dry pigment..You will leave with a pr…

WAX AND WATERCOLOR:, combine two transparencies: LAS VEGAS, NM June 6, 2020

BEYOND the traditional: 

A day of exploration!
Use this beautiful luminous watercolor medium, and use encaustic wax, with a variety of additional materials to create exciting abstract paintings. Move away from the traditional watercolor or encaustic paintings into an entirely new realm. Use watercolor:With wax as a resist, creating numerous layers for exciting affectsThis is an entirely new idea. How to mix wax and watercolor, mostly on paper, to expand and explore the outer reaches of each medium. Some exciting effects can be achieved.With inks to enhance and intensify. Inks have an intensity that lend an additional element, and are also sometimes a saving graceWith image transfer, and mixed media. Incorporate photographic imagery, and collage materials for unusual affectsCreate your own abstract language, starting from familiar images, and taking it into the unknown. Explore the language of form and color, and their expressive possibilities. This workshop is open to …