Through the years, with so many students, I have been so impressed with the successes they have had.

 Many with great successes. 

Shawna Moore has been hugely successful. Take a look at her site  www.shawnamoore.com Shawna is now in Whitefish, Montana, but shows all over the country.

And of course, Belen Millan. Belen took a working large workshop, and then went on to suggest that we do a workshop in Malaga, Spain. And we did two of them, with people from all over the world. And her work now is very different, take a look at www.belenmillan.com

And more locally, I love the work of Harriette Tsosie. Harriette is not native, but her husband Cat, is. And her work reflects her life in another world. Take a look at www.harriettetsosie.com

I wish I had photos from all these people, but please, do take a look at their websites And remember that anything and everything is possible!

But mostly remember that a workshop designed just for you allows you to decide exactly what you want to learn, and how I can help you.

SO: When can you do it?? 
You set the dates; Most days in April, May, June, July or August.
Come and also explore this beautiful historic town.

And what does it cost??
One day for one person: $250. Two days for one person $450
Two days for two people $650.  Bring a friend, or two!

And where to stay?
The Castaneda Hotel, www.castanedahotel.org
The Plaza Hotel www.plazahotellvnm.com  (our favorite)
Super eight or many other motels Super8 does include breakfasts!

AND more from the studios and workshops of the past:

At an early Santa Fe Workshop

And oh yes, Paella in Spain. Two workshops in Malaga.
We painted also!



In the Santa Fe Studio during a workshop

And in the Malaga Spain workshop

Ellen in her Las Vegas studio!

And it goes on and on!! Come paint with me.


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