Four one day workshops coming your way


     Beginning Encaustic, Wednesday, March 6th

                                                             Here is the Las Vegas Studio:

Learn all you need to know to begin work in this very beautiful ancient medium. We will cover all the techniques, as well as how to do it, and where to get all that you need, as well as thinking about how you can best express yourself. It's your story to tell, let me help you do it!

                                          This one day workshop is $250. which includes all
                                              materials, and goes from 10am to 4pm

POURING ON PAPER   Saturday, April 6th

"Art from the Heart #2" wax on paper, 30"x44"

To me, pouring on paper is always a great thrill, but also a great mystery, you have something of an idea of what will happen, but it also has a life of it's own. I do it my way, which I will show you, but over the years I have come to realize that many artists develop there very own techniques!
$250 includes all the materials you need, and the day goes from 10-4

POURING ON PANEL, Wednesday May 15th

Pouring on panels is an exciting and very different process, As I pour, I visualize what will be, and usually it is, but sometimes something unique occurs!
$250 for one day includes all materials, the day goes from 10am-4pm

Photo based Encaustic, Saturday June 1st

This painting was shown at Ebert Gallery in San Francisco in 1995. It is wax over a photo.
An amazing way to tell your Story
 $250. for one day includes everything except your photos, and goes from 10am-4pm 

and take a look at what I do

phone 505-477-1640


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