The Fun of The Pour: paper and panels!

It's about paper, but also about panels!


Think about transparency, think about layers, think mostly about color and how color will change with another transparent layer on top of it.. See what color does to color, and use it to express yourself.
In the end, I think it will take more than one day to learn these techniques, so I've extended it to two. 
You need to learn to pur on both paper and panels, and then learn how to incorporate that into what it is that you do. How do you use it to create the story that you want to tell.
It's about paper, and also about panels:

From the ArtsThrive show at the Albuquerque Museum

"Intricacies of Light", encaustic on panel, 24"x24"

                                            "Intricacies of Light" encaustic on panel 24"x24"


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