Let's let line aid in telling our story! With many different approaches possible, you can add line, texture, entirely new dimension to your painting experience.. we will use crayon, charcoal, pigment, oil bars, and of course, wax, to help develop an entirely new dimension in your work ...

TThree panels, with charcoal dimensions.. Many years ago now I developed what I called the Magic Line, and for a long time it was my secret. But now, it is something which I share. In addition to the "Magic Line": Crayon and pigment, we will work with the addition of charcoal, and how to create unusual and exciting effects. It will be an opportunity to bring a drawing element into your work..both on paper and panel. To explore an exciting world of new possibilities. To bring painting and drawing together.

ALSO using the irregularities which you have created in the wax to catch pigment and charcoal to give you a wide range of special effects!


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