All About the Pour: Paper and Panels, Sat & Sun, October 21 &22, 2023

Let's Pour together, on paper and panels
Saturday and Sunday, October 21 & 22, 2023!

"Sky Madness", encaustic on paper 44"x30", yes, a pour!

Mostly, I have become well known for pouring on paper.
My first show was in Santa Fe in 2011.

But now I have also been pouring on panels, and find it even more exciting. No matter your intention, the wax always has a life of it's own. So I can say: Blue, you go here. But always there is a bit of mystery about what happens. The blue will always go a little bit more here or there, and then that invites you to be present, and be aware of all the variations that occur. And that makes the process much more exciting, because you have always to be aware, and to act as a result of what has occurred. 
And there are so many songs to sing, and you have to always to be aware of what has happened, and what you can do next. aware. Each time you pour, variations will occur, and you have to stay present to the process, and aware of exactly what is happening. And the process is very exciting, and very rewarding. And often the results are amazing.

So come pour with me!

Two days, Oct 21 & 22, Saturday and Sunday
$650 for two days, which covers all of the materials

"Winter Wilderness",Wax on panel, poured, 24"x24"

"Blue Rhapsody", Wax on panel(poured), 24"x24"

"New Dimensions" wax on Paper, poured,  44"x30"

Come to my Las Vegas studio, and let me help you find your voice in this amazing medium!

And the studio is behind our house, here in the historic district of Las Vegas, so not only do you get to paint, but also, you get to explore a very beautiful old town. We love it here.

Hope you can come,
$650. for two days, includes materials

So email me at
or call at 505-501-4620

And remember private workshops, 
where you choose the date and the topic are also available


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