PRIVATE WORKSHOPS: Let's do what you want to do

 Since I have been here, in Las Vegas, I have been delighted at how much more exciting it is for me to work more closely with all of you. After more than twenty years of very large workshops, having taught encaustic to over a thousand people, I have found that with small workshops, yes, you can come with a friend or two, something different happens. I can hear more of what your questions are, and you can hear more of what  I want to say. But most importantly, it's an opportunity for you to learn exactly what you want to know. To learn how to tell your own story.

In the more than twenty five years that I have been doing encaustic, I have come to learn that there is a huge amount you can do with it. Whether you want to incorporate the figure, or the landscape, or work more abstractly, all is possible, and yes, I have done it all. My first encaustic show was based on photos, that were incorporated, and then, moving on to the landscape, and finally to things that are more abstract.

This figure was part of my solo show at Ebert Gallery in San Francisco in 1995
But when I came to New Mexico, well the light and the land became a big part of what I began to do:

 In all the forms that the landscape can take, the upper one part of a set of three, long gone, the bottom is 36" x 80", a dyptich, more recent. And then abstraction entered the picture, with a show of paper pours at BOX Gallery in Santa Fe in 2011 

SO in the end, I have explored many forms that encaustic painting can take
Including with line:

SO come to my Las Vegas studio, and let me help you find your voice in this amazing medium!

And the studio is behind our house, here in the historic district of Las Vegas, so not only do you get to paint, but also, you get to explore a very beautiful old town. We love it here.

One Day private workshop: $250.
Two day private workshop for two $650. 

or more than two is Okay, too, Up to four

So email me at
or call at 505-501-4620

And let's set it up!


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